MASAGGES                     All my suggestions for massage are designed for men and women alike and couples to. To fully enjoy the sensual experiences i propose these must be understood in a natural way, free of taboos or social prejudices. I encourage you to open your mind and come to experience new, pleasurable and unforgettable sensations. The massage are performed on a traditional massage couch or tatami mat, depending on the proposal of your choice The lenght specified for each massage itself, regardless of the initial contact and shower before and after the session. In all massage techniques i use the basics of massage and essential oils, specially blended by mi. The relaxing and sport massage are a great choice for those who just look for a good professional massage as well as a good opportunity to get to know us and chose bolderand more sensory proposals in future sessions.  


If what you are looking for is relaxacion and the opportunity to disconnect for a few moments from the daily pressures, certainly the effleurage massage is for you. Effleurage comes from the french word effleur : to touch gently. Without any therapeutic aim, this massage is intented only to relax the body  with low pressure, relaxing, encircling and gentle drag moevements, with long abmnd continuos llight strokes, travelling all along the body from head to toe. Let yourself be wrapped in the sensation of wellbeing this massage provides and enjoy it to the full


For those who practice sports and people who suffer the day by day aches and pains  accumulating muscular overloads and strains, we will be able to relieve yoy from these discomforts througg sports massage while  you relax. This massage makes  use of more vigorous and quick movements,  the force applied to the taste of the receiver. Amoung its many benefits are the activacion of blood circulation and the lessening of muscular strains. In this kind off massage we emphasize the exercise of stretching of muscular chains which are unbalanced through injury, bad postural habits, overstrains and the like


 From the all massages this is the one that best fits your needs if you want to live a more intelligent and different orgasmic experience, as you know it today. Based on the knowledge of Tantra through this massage i work with the person's body energy acting directly on the chakras (energetic centres of the body), making their energy flow and harmonize to unimaginable heights which will eventually take ghe receiver to moments of extreme pleasure of orgasmic energy. At the end of the massage, it is up to do the receiver to decide what to do wirh that energy, whether to releas it like a pleasure  explosion or to store it inside. This is a personal journey guided. Making use of very specific massage and breathing control techniques, plus meditation, you will be taken to the utmost body and mind relaxation. This kind of massge is recomended to improve sexual dysfuncions such as female anorgasmia or male premature ejaculation. After a few sessions and folowing my indications the receiver will be im condition to get over them. A unique experience that lovers of massage should not miss. This massage is performed on a futon. 


hello my name is lorenzo , i am  physiotherapist and profesional massage with 10 years experience in quiromasage,terapeutic massage ,sports massage ,tantric massage , energetic surgery ,personal trainer, nutritionist .Do not hesitate to prove any massage that I offer. You will note the difference between my massages and other kind of services that people offer. And if it is your first time at something like this, you will touch the sky and want to stay there


Relaxing massage : 60 min - 60 euro   sports massage    : 60 min - 60 euro   tantra  massage    : 60 min - 120euro                                           

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